Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review "Nearly Undone by Devon Ashley"

I'd risk anything to save her – even my freedom. 

Megan Whitaker thought she had them beat – and then everything went to shit. Zander got to walk and Friggs was in the wind, and unfortunately, both were still hell-bent on making her his. Megan and Nick might’ve given Friggs the slip by hiding away in witness protection, but when Thea goes missing, nothing will keep Megan away. Not when her sister’s abduction was her fault.

Thea Whitaker’s dark new reality was something made of nightmares. Friggs might’ve only stolen her to lure out her sister, but it doesn’t keep the sadistic man from taking out his issues on her. Now it’s her turn to be on the receiving end of unspeakable acts, and though she prays her sister can find a way to free her, Thea also fears it, because she knows if Megan fails, Friggs’ will never let either of them go. 

With Thea lost and no hope in sight, Megan begrudgingly beseeches the help of the one man who has the connections to find her. But enlisting Zander’s help will come at a price, and for Megan and Nick, it might just cost them everything they’ve been fighting so hard to protect.

I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It was very different from what I remember from the second book but also not. It has been two years since the second book came out and since I read it. Megan and nick's story still remain in my head so I had not issue remembering that. 

I found the change Megan went trough amazing but yet I don't. Megan got very strong but with that she also became reckless. I understand why she did some things but damn girl some of it I saw coming from miles away. You where fooling yourself at times and you payed a horrible price for that. Don't get me wrong I understand it but still it wasn't always a smart move. You kind of told yourself you had the uperhand, that you had control but you don't and you even knew and might even seen it coming but you excepted the risks. 
Nick wasn't in this story much as he was in the second book. Megan pushed him aside really. Not always because she really wanted to but because she felt she had to. 
Zander might have been the biggest change. It felt a bit weird but I noticed a bit of a change in the second book as well but nothing like this. He almost felt normal..ish. Not sure what to say about him but he did help out in the end. 

Overall I'm satisfied with how megan's and nicks story ended but I hoped it to be better considering how long we had to wait for it.  This book had some inconsistencies and less background story than the other book had.I felt less infested in their story also, maybe I have to read them back to back to really get into it again. 

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