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Darkness duet series by Melissa Andrea

I loved to dance, but I don’t anymore. 
I was in an accident I don’t remember… or maybe I don’t want to remember. 
Either way, every day since, has been… an adjustment and I’m left with a constant reminder that nothing is forever. 

Now, my life is a tangled web of darkness filled with deceit, hate, betrayal and lies. I don’t dwell on the past, I don’t regret and I don’t remember… I survive. But then I met Ryland Dare and he changed everything. He reminded me that life’s worth living and that remembering isn’t always a bad thing. 

You don’t know true darkness until you've felt light… 
On the outside looking in, some would say my siblings and I have had a pretty easy life. But beyond the fancy cars, the huge house and endless social events, is where the truth really lies. Power hungry father, defeated mother and fake friends? Yeah I have one of each. Then Araya Noelle comes along and shows me what I’ve been missing. She thinks I changed her life, but really, she saved mine. 

I accidentally read this series in the wrong order. Stupid me. But in my defense I had no internet so I couldn't look it up. I figured it out in the thank you note at the end of the second book haha.

Well what is this strory about.
The story is about a girl named araya noelle. After a horrible car accident she lost not only her mother but her sight as well. Araya lives with her aunt and her aunts husband. They are terrible awful angry bitter people. Despite everything araya went threw she is determent to survive and see the best in others.
Araya loved to dance but hasn't since her accident.

The other main character in this book is ryland. Ryland, and his older brother sebastian and his younger sister Cara or as she wished to be called careless, didn't hit the parents jackpot. There father is the owner of a multi million dollar company and he brings a whole new meaning to the word asshole. He is a mean slimy controlling son of satan
His mother is a naive money digging bitch. 

Ryland and Araya met in the park after one of rylands friends accidentally threw a football in her lap. Ryland asked araya out but she stood him up. Ryland didn't notice araya was blind because she kept her sunglasses up at all times. 
The second time they met, it is at rylands house. Careless is araya's new tutor. Despite careless warnings to stay away from araya, Ryland couldn't help himself. He was drawn to this innocent, beautiful, lean red haired girl With beautiful pale green eyes. Ryland promises that he isn't going to fall in love with araya but that promise isn't so easy to keep. Rylands father, JD is determent to make sure that araya and ryland aren't together and that he can keep ryland firmly in his pathetic claws. 

What did I love
I love the message on the front of the book: there is light even in the darkest places. 
I love that this story is about love can concur al. And that love can happen for everyone
I love how strong araya is. She is an inspiring person as well as ryland. Instead of shying away from her he is pushing her forward and he helped her to truely life again. There both helping each other out. 
Eventho I have read the books in the wrong order. I still enjoyed it very much 

Every part of me yearns for Ryland and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t question if I made the right decision. Adjusting is something I should be used to by now but how can I do that when life has other plans?

When darkness consumes you, only true light can free you

Remembering how I existed before Araya came into my life and turned everything upside down has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I can’t stand to be round anyone and the feeling is mutual. But I’m ready to take back what’s mine. I’m ready to be whole again. But every decision has a choice and every choice has a consequence.

To find the grace in darkness, you must
Dare to be BRAVE
Dare to be STRONG
Dare to be ALIVE


So as Blond as I am, I read this book first. Surprisingly it was amazingly easy to follow. I did think it was an odd beginning and it was weird that the characters weren't introduced but it did work. I figured out that this was the second book after reading the thank you note from the author at the end of the book. Silly me. 

So what is this story about. 
This story takes of after the ending of The edge of darkness. Araya left and is learning how to work with her blindness in a new school which name I forgot. Ryland is stuck in his fathers sticky claws but he is still thinking of Araya every day. 
It doesn't take long for Araya and Ryland to see each other again. Araya doesn't know that Ryland already found her. They immediately connect again and that makes it even harder for Ryland to stay away. He is done being his fathers puppet and he works hard to get out from under his thumb. 
Araya is working very hard at her school and is doing very well. She even started dancing again and she's really good at it. But still the way she got into this school is nagging her. 

Will Araya and Ryland manage to make it work and get away from rylands father or is it a lost cause. 

What did I love about this story.
I love that it's so cleverly put together. I loved that the main characters weren't your typical alpha male and pretty but strong yet needs saving female. 
Araya is a very strong resilient women and I admire her. 

I loved sebastian ( Rylands older brother.) He is just an amazing guy. Very funny, I would love to see him get his own book

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