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Romance Author and Reader Event July 2014

So this is a very very very late post about my trip to the Romance Author and Reader Event in Edinburgh last year.  I made some new friends and met some awesome authors.  I got to explore Edinburgh as well and let me tell you it is beautiful. It's an awesome country and I'd love to go there again.

I got allot of books signed and I also got a photo book that the amazing Jo made. I managed to get around 70 autographs :D

I got to meet the awesome Rachel van Dyken.

Here's me and Rachel van Dyken. Her husband Nate took the picture. They look amazing together. I believe Rachel was pregnant with thor here. 

I also got to meet the awesome Abbi Glines, I was so nervous when I met her. I barley said a word hahaha. I did manage to tell her that Rush is my favorite character ever haha.

These are all the paperbacks I got signed :D  I had to carry all 29 of them. My shoulders were so sore, but it was so worth it. At one point the husband of a friend I made offered to carry a bag with some of my books. After 5 minutes he asked "what the hell does she have in there!!?!"

I also brought Jo's awesome book with me. Here are the pictures of that book.
I sat next to Katie Ashley in the pre-dinner and I didn't even realize it until she pointed out that her name was in the book. I was mortified!!  It was also awesome to meet Amy Bartol, Sawyer Bennet and E.K Blair.  Miss Blair was talking so pasionate about Bang. I had to cover my ears because I hadn't read it yet hahaha .  Read it on the flight home and I loved it. 
I got to meet Karice Bolton, Natasha Boyd, Rhyannon Byrd, and Chelsea M. Cameron. I'm sad that I didn't get to meet Cora Cormack
 I was so happy meeting L.A. Casey, Emma Chase ( who almost forgot signing my books ahaha),  and Alice Clayton.
 Loved  Tilly Cole, Zara Cox, and L.H. Coseway
 I was so excited to meet Sylvia day altho she was seperated from the rest of the group and she had the longest Que but it was nice meeting her. I also loved penelope douglas, I was sad I couldn't pre-order and bring Bully, Until you and Rival with me, would love to get them all signed some day!!
Sarah Elizebeth, Chantal Fernando and Kitty French. I loved meeting Kitty, I had the chance to sit next to her and chat for a bit. She was so nice

 Loved meeting Abbi Glines, she was the reason I found out about RARE in the first place. Karine halle was also very nice and Emma hart was just so funny.
 Jana Harvey- Herrick and Kerry Heavens were also very nice and welcoming eventho I didn't had the chance to read some of there books before the RARE
J.Kenner, Beth Kery, Kimberly Night, Adriane Leigh ( who's book I read on the plane over haha) and Christina Lauren where awesome. I don't know who of the writing duo I met tho ahah

I really liked meeting K.I Lynn,  R.K Lilley,  Sibylla Mathilde and PT Michelle
 Raine Miller, Jill Patten and Laurelin Paige where a blast :D

Jennifer probst,  penny reid ( who was so darn funny haha) and Aurora Rose Reynolds 

 Jessica sorensen was very nice, eventho she spelled my name wrong. I was still excited to meet here.  C.M. Stunich was very cool
 Rachel van Dyken, Tessa Teevan and K.A  Tucker
 Pepper Winters who had the most amazing swag ever. Really loved talking to her, some of her fans and just chatting about her books.  A. Meredith Walters and Suzanne Wright were also very nice
Here are some other pictures I made in the RARE event.
 This is Becky and Me. We met at the pre-party. It was lovely meeting her!!

These are Linda, Becky and Me. They where my ladies the whole weekend. I had such fun with them and their husband/fiance's

 this is me with Stu Reardon. He got allot of fans haha. Had to look twice before I realized what I saw. 

 this was the official RARE t-shirt. I have three of them because the first two were a miss print. So I got three shirts for the price of one!!

 This was me at the after party, I had a great time. Altho it was a little sad because that party meant the event was over.  

 I had an amzing time, I will go to more authors and reader events for sure!!! Next year it will be apollycon in savanna georgia!!

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