Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sale "Bang by E.K Blair"

Hii guys.

Exciting news, the release of Hush by e.k blair is coming soon. Hush is the third book in the black lotus series which will release on the 12th of april!

If you have no idea who or what book I'm talking about here is your chance to get to know E.K. Blairs characters. Bang, the first book in the series will be on sale for 0.99$!!!  Bang will be on sale from Tuesday, march 29th till monday, april 4th.

If you want to read a book that has sexual tension that is off the charts, deception, lies, thrill, psychological aspect but also love, growth, and overcoming trauma than this book is a must read! I for one adore and was scared shitless of this book. I can't wait till I can read hush but am also very scared to read it. Anyway, you can get Bang here:

Buy Links for BANG
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Happy reading!

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