Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review "Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters"

* ARC received in exchange of an honest review*
“My body blinded me while his lies destroyed me. Penn Everett swept me from my world and into his, and when his lies fell apart, I finally opened my eyes to the truth. The awful, terrible truth.” 

Noelle Charlston had it all: her company, a love affair, power and protection. 
However, she didn’t pay attention, and in one night, everything she believed in, everyone she trusted turned out to be worse than fake. 
Now, she has no one to help her. No one to free her. 
She’s on her own and has to make the choice. 
Who to believe? 
Who to fight? 
I'm so grateful that I received an arc for this book! I was lucky to get one for the first one and that ending left me wanting more!.
I did a little happy dance, and I won't lie had a pretty smug smile on my face when I found out I was right!  I won't tell you what I was right about because that will spoil some things for you and I'm trying to keep this review spoiler free! All I can say read this book!  In my opinion it's so much better than the first one! The characters really developed and we got more background information.

What it this book all about
This book picks right up where the first one, crown of lies, ended. Noelle 'elle' ran from Penn's charity event after she discovers his little "step"brother with the necklace that was stolen from her all those years ago. Elle makes an assumption that terrifies her and she runs. At home her night gets even worse when her childhood friend kidnaps her. Greg always was obsessed with Elle and was told that he would end up with her. When that wasn't happening he took matters into his own hands and took her. Greg is a psychopath. He was so consumed with greed and delusion he thought what he was going wasn't wrong at all. I won't go into detail but he did some major creepy things.
Anyhow Penn is desperately trying to find Elle before he loses her forever.
In this book we will find out who nameless is, we find out more about Penn and we see who he is behind his dominant alfa male mask. Will Elle and Penn make it work or is the secret that separated them to big to overcome... that is if Greg will let her go......

What did I love about this book
What made me love this book more than the first one is that we get to know more about Penn's past. We really get to see more of him besides his alpha dirty talking self. We really get to know him, see him grow. I also loved how strong Elle was during this book. I really got more respect for her.
On thing I didn't like was her father. He seemed more like a child sometimes than a parent, and the way he changes his mind was weird in my opinion. I didn't like him much in the first book and that didn't change in this one.

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