Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review "Ruin by Rachel van Dyken"

I'm not your typical girl. I've been running away from the memories that haunt me for so long that depression has become my only comfort. I was content in the darkness...until Wes Michals offered to be my light.

I didn't know that time wasn't my ally -- that every second that ticked past was one step closer to the end of something that was beginning to mean the end of myself. He tried to warn me. He promised me all he was able to offer--each moment as it came--but it would never be enough.

Sometimes when you think it's the end, it's only the beginning. Wes thought he could save me, but in giving me everything, he ruined me. Because after one kiss, one touch, I couldn't--I wouldn't ever be the same.

And from that moment on, his heartbeat became my own.

I really really loved this book. Yes there were a view things I wished were different. And I do feel like the story was cut short. I feel like we missed some things and that some things should have been explained more. 

What is this book about
Well this book is about Kiersten. Kiersten is an eighteen year old girl with strawberry blonde hair. She grew up in a very small town and is very uhm pure if you know what I mean.  She goes to collage and she really needs to get out of her shell and live her live. Up until now she's been existing not living and it time she did. On her first day she met Weston aka wes. Wes is a very handsome guy with blue eyes and blond hair and a very sexy eight pack. 
Wes is very interested in Kiersten and really wants to help her, help her get out of her shell while he still can. You see Wes has a very big secret, a secret that might cut their time together short.  But Wes isn't the only one with a secret. Kiersten has one as well. Not as big as Wes but still a secret. 
Kiersten is very attracted to Wes and she really likes him. She still wants to get to know him after she finds out on of his 'secrets'. Wes was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend, which of course wasn't true but still it's a very nasty thing to accuse someone from. 
This story is about two people who have had a very rough time and are trying to move on from that. Weston really lives his life till the fullest and Kiersten is a girl that needs to learn how to live again. So they're perfect for each other. Now lets hope they've got enough time.
What did I like about this book

It was so funny. Both West and Kiersten are amazing characters. They are so funny and great together. I really love the both of them.
I also loved the sidecharacters Lisa and Gabe. They were such good people and also very funny. 
This story really made you feel like you need to live your life till the fullest and really appreciate what you have. You might not know when your life might end. 

What I missed in this story was time. I really feel like the story was cut short. I really feel like we missed some events like homecoming and other things. I also feel like things were going too fast and that thing might have been cut out or something.   I also feel like the rape accusations made by the ex and the encounter with her was very minor. I thought we might see more of that throughout the story. I didn't miss it but I thought it was odd because it felt like it would be a really big deal.  Other than that I loved this story and I thought it was great. I think the problem is that I wanted more of it. More detail and stuff. 

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