Monday, October 5, 2015

Review "When You're Back by Abbi Glines (Rosemary Beach #12)"

 The future is bright for Reese Ellis. She has Mase Colt-Manning, the man of her dreams, and a family she didn’t know existed until her long-lost father arrived on her doorstep in Rosemary Beach. After growing up with a cruel mother and abusive stepfather, Reese is eager to get to know the caring and charming man who wants to be a part of her life. Everything is finally falling into place.
While Reese is visiting her new family in Chicago, Mase spends time with his “cousin,” Aida, who has worshipped him since childhood. Though they’re unrelated by blood, Mase and Aida have been raised to think of each other as family. But when Reese returns, she can tell something isn’t quite right with Aida, who clearly resents Reese and excels at manipulative little games. And though Mase is unsuspecting, Reese knows Aida doesn’t love him like a cousin should... 

I so like this book. I just love Reese and Mase. I don't know if I would like it if a man was being that overprotective that he felt horrible for leaving me for a moment, that he had to find someone he trust to sit with me. But it's nice knowing he loves Reese so much that he would do anything for her. 
And then there is Aida, Mase" cousin". That is really messed up. What respectable female would sink that low for her cousin. I mean come one, I understand that you're not blood related but the man is in a committed relationship. He told you that and you still act like a winy little brat. I mean grow some lady balls, accept it and move the fuck on.
I gotta say that plot twist in Captain's character I did not see coming at all. I guessed the other plot twist but this one I didn't. I didn't like how he was so unto Reese, making her doubt Mase.  But he is very interesting, and I honest to god cannot wait to find out more. I thing his book is going to be very interesting at least. I feel like, no I hope that his book will be totally different than the other ones in this series. Because, If you've read this series, you'll know they're all kind of the same. Beautiful girl meet handsome guy, usually insta love, resulting in  unprotected sex and bam pregnant, girl worries that guy won't take it well but it ends up being fine. They get engaged, married and live happily ever after.  The only couple that didn't follow this exact route were Woods and Della. Still I love this series. 

What is this book about
Reese just couldn't live with out Mase and vise versa. So Reese moves to Texas. But after she spends some time with her new found family. When she gets to Mase's house early to surprise him, she is the one that gets a surprise. A surprise in the form of a tall, blonde woman. Don't worry, Mase didn't cheat on Reese. It turns out that the woman was his cousin. although not related by blood, but Mase only sees Aria as his cousin. But Aria not so much. 
Reese doesn't want to sit in Mase's house alone all day and make him pay for everything. So she heads out to find a job. She gets one that requires allot of reading and typen. But Reese doesn't let that get in her way and gives it her all. And then there is captain ( Blair's brother) who she met several times but didn't like very much. Captain seems to have a thing for Reese and he doesn't mind doing whatever he can to win her over. 
In this book we see Reese grow in an amazing woman and we see a story developing. Lets hope that an unexpected visit from Reese's past makes everything fall apart.

what did I love about this book
I love Reese. Like I said in my previous review, I have a thing for broken characters. I love seeing them heal and grow. I also love Mase, he is so sweet with mase.
I like captain, yes he was annoying but the way his character developed was very interesting.
I do feel like, with the way this book ended, that mase and reese's story isn't over. Especially with that cliffhanger. So I'm curious how abby will include their story in the next book, which Captain is the main character in. 
I also wished we would learn more about what happened to reese exactly. I mean I can guess but I thought we would find out more. I didn't feel like Reese really told mase about it but it seems like he knows everything. Or maybe he guessed it or I missed something. 

I really can't wait to read more about their story and learn more about captain. It turns out he might not be who or what he says he is. 

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