Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review "Last Breath by Jessica Clare & Jen Fredrick (Hitman #2)"


I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I'm at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he's here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him are his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He's also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it's wrong to fall in love with him, but I can't seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can. 


For the last eighteen months, I’ve had one goal: to find my kidnapped sister. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and have befriended criminals all across the globe. In every brothel I raid or every human trafficking truck I stop, her face is the one I’m desperate to see. In Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised but not broken and still sane despite her weeks in hell. I should leave her behind or send her home because the last thing either of us needs is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I can’t let her go.

I think I like this book even more. The lead female, Regan, was a more stronger girl and Daniel, the lead male, a more funnier man. The were great together. And the aftermatch of what happend to Regan was very well written. I would have hate it if they just brushed it off and that Regan was problem free. The PTSD was very real. Also there was more unity between the writers in this book. I'd hardly noticed that it was written by two people this time. 

What is this book all about
We've met Daniel and Regan in the first book, Last Hit. Daniel was a uhm companion/friend of nick and Regan was a friend and roommate of Daisy. 
Regan was kidnapped and sold into the sex indusrty. Daniel was send by Nick to look for her. But she isn't the only one he is looking for. Daniel's siter was kidnapped when she was on holiday and has been missing ever since. 
Eventhough Regan has been through allot, she wasn't as broken as the other girls might be. She still had some fight left in her. 
After being saved by the handsome Daniel she does everything she can to stay with him. Regan has become really scared of being abandoned. That and being hunted down by a crazy amarican that just has to have her isn't helping. 
Daniel doesn't want Regan to stay. She'll only slow him down while he's looking for his sister. But he can't deny the attraction he feels to the sassy blonde. After he finds out how badly mr. Freeze ( the crazy amarican) wants her, he can't just leave her alone. 
They grow closer and closer together. And the attraction between them grows and grows but Regan is scared that her time in captivity broke her more than she cares to admit. That and it realyl ruind sex for her. Not that it was that great with her ' boyfriend' but still. Maybe Daniel can help her in more ways than one. 

What did I like about this book
I really like Daniel. He's a really great, funny and sassy guy. He is very loyal to his family. I also like Regan. I didn't think that much of her in the first book but I really like her in this one. She is a really strong girl. The things she's been through are just terrible and as badly as this may sound , I loved the way the authors made her experience all those things after. Not that I wanted her to but it made it feel real. 
I like seeing glimps of nick and daisy. It seems like their doing well. 
 Although I really like this book I'm not sure i've I'm going to read the next book soon.  Daniel's sister didn't really intrigue me but Vasily (the new Bratva head) does. So maybe I will.

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