Monday, November 2, 2015

Review "RIP by Rachel van Dyken"

Pretty things aren't meant to be broken. 
But I broke her, and now we both have to pay the price.
I'm her nightmare. 
I'm her savior. 
And now that I have her signature on an ironclad contract, I own her body and soul. 
She doesn't remember me. 
She will. 
It's inevitable. 
Because as much as I know I need to stay away, for fear of unlocking the memories I helped her father bury--I can't. 
She was the apple in the Garden, dangled in front of me, her core so tempting and sweet. A voice whispered. Just. One. Bite. 
I bit. 
I tasted. 
I fell. 
Welcome to the world of the Russian mafia, where death, is your only future.

I finally managed to read RIP, and god did I love it. It had the same feeling the other mafia books had but slightly different. The build up in the story was very good. It made you not want to put the book down but keep on reading. 

What is this book about. 
This books is ab out Nicolai Balzik and Maya Petrof. Maya is the sister of Andy. Maya doesn't know that Andy was alive, well lived longer than a view years after birth. Maya is the daughter of a Russian gangster. She wants to get away from her family so badly but she can't seem to get away.
For her thesis for collage, Maya manages to get an interview with Nicolai. Nicolai is a very brilliant doctor, He graduated from Harvard when he was 15, won a Nobel price and is working on a medicine against STD's. 
What Maya doesn't realize is that when Nicolai finally agreed to an interview, it wasn't an interview she was getting. It turned out her father sold her to him.  She now has to work for Nicolai for an entire year. She lives in an apartment that he owns, dress in the clothes that he bought her and do what he says. What she doesn't realize that her 'prison' isn't her prison at all, it's freedom, protection and safety. It just came in a way she didn't realize. 
Nicolai will do anything to protect Maya, even from himself. If he gives in to temptation, it will mean the death of Maya. 

What did I love about this book.
I love the thrill and the excitement. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. What the story would hold in the future. 
I loved seeing the eagle elite characters throughout the story.  And danm did those characters bring some massive plot twists. I really didn't see them coming. 
Some things I guessed early on, some things a bit later and some things not at all. 
I really liked the chemistry Nicolai and Maya had. And ofcourse I love Maya, she is like Andy but the same time not at all. She is a great character and I hope we get to see more of her throughout the eagle elite series. 

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