Monday, June 2, 2014

Dominic by L.A. Casey

Dominic (Slater Brothers, #1)
WARNING: If you don't like a leading male that is a possessive pr**k, Dominic is NOT for you. If you don't like a leading female that is a stubborn bi**h, Dominic is NOT for you. If you don't like over the top drama and characters who have bad tempers, Dominic is NOT for you. Most of all, if you don't like characters who CURSE A LOT and sayEXACTLY what they feel and are thinking without sugar coating it then Dominic is REALLY NOT for you.

After a car accident killed her parents when she was a child, Bronagh Murphy chose to box herself off from people in an effort to keep herself from future hurt. If she doesn't befriend people, talk to them or acknowledge them in any way they leave her alone just like she wants. 

When Dominic Slater enters her life, ignoring him is all she has to do to get his attention. Dominic is used to attention, and when he and his brothers move to Dublin, Ireland for family business, he gets nothing but attention. Attention from everyone except the beautiful brunette with a sharp tongue.

Dominic wants Bronagh and the only way he can get to her, is by dragging her from the boxed off corner she has herself trapped in the only way he knows force. 

Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, Dominic gets.

I love, love, love dominic. I love me some slather brothers. In the beginning I wasn't sure what to like because I didn't get the main female Bronagh. She was very aggressive and a bit rude while she describes herself as a quiet girl. I was like where is this quiet girl you speak off. She was a loud mouthed angry aggressive Irish lady. But she grew on me really. She just uses all that as a defense mechanism. And I think it runs in her family. Her sister was just as trigger happy as Bronagh was but less angry. Or so she seems. 

What is this story about
This story is about a 18 year old girl named Bronagh. She is Irish and she isn't your typical skinny girl. She is a curvy girl with bigger hips and a big ass or arse as she might say. She has dark hair with pale grey eyes and pale skin. Due the death of her parents she is scared ass hell of losing people she loves , so she doesn't let people get close to her.  Dominic doesn't care about that. Like the summary said what dominic wants Dominic gets. 
Dominic is a muscular guy with rocking abs and a tattoo. He has silvery eyes and is very handsome. He can be quite charming when he wants to. I really like him. He is really, and I mean really persuasive. I could see he was just teasing Bronagh but poor inexperience Bronagh didn't see it that way. So she really hated him from the start.  They both were really sassy and had some amazing fights. Even tho they don't get along that well, Dominic is really protective of her. He got himself suspended over fighting over her. But no matter what Bronagh did or said and no matter how angry he got, he never gave up on her and I love him for that.  There aren't many guys who would put up with some of the stuff Bronagh did. 

Bronagh and Dominic both lost there parents and where raised by an older sibling. While Bronagh only had her older sister Branna, Dominic has four siblings. Damien (his twin brother), Alec, Kane and Ryder. Ryder being the oldest and Damien and Dominic the youngest. 

What did I love about this story
I loved the writing style. It was really captivating. The cussing really didn't bother me that much.  I don't know what that might say about me.  But the bad temper did bother me a bit in the beginning. I came to understand it a bit and accepted that Bronagh is just a bit trigger happy. I really don't see her as a quiet girl. Never did. She has a big enough of a temper for that. 
I also loved dominic. I really like how he was with Bronagh and that he really showed her to live a little. And he is sexy as fuck. I really liked hearing him talk a bit dirty. 
It didn't feel like the setting was high school. Bronagh  and dominic only being 18.  It felt like they were much older. Not always that mature but hell i'm 21 and sometimes i'm far from mature to.

loved the character development and the side characters. I liked the story and world building. I can't wait to read the other brothers story's and hopefully see more off Bronagh and Dominic  

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