Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review "The Matchmakers Playbook by Rachel van Dyken"

Wingman rule number one: don’t fall for a client.

After a career-ending accident, former NFL recruit Ian Hunter is back on campus—and he’s ready to get his new game on. As one of the masterminds behind Wingmen, Inc., a successful and secretive word-of-mouth dating service, he’s putting his extensive skills with women to work for the lovelorn. But when Blake Olson requests the services of Wingmen, Inc., Ian may have landed his most hopeless client yet.

From her frumpy athletic gear to her unfortunate choice of footwear, Blake is going to need a miracle if she wants to land her crush. At least with a professional matchmaker by her side she has a fighting chance. Ian knows that his advice and a makeover can turn Blake into another successful match. But as Blake begins the transformation from hot mess to smokin’ hot, Ian realizes he’s in danger of breaking his cardinal rule.…

I was really scared to read this book because I felt so intrigued by the teasers. The last time I had that with one of rachel's book (The consequence of loving Colton) I was disappointed. I thought that was because there was such a huge build up and I just couldn't wait to read it that I was disappointed because to me it didn't live up. So I was scared that it would be like that with this book. So I was procrastinating reading this and I was a fool to do so. I love love love this book. It's just great. It made me laugh so much! And I love it being written in Ian's point of view. 

What is this book all about 
Well this book is about Ian and basically about Lex as well. Ian and Lex are best friends and buisness partners. Ian was drafted to play for the NFL but after an accident busted his knee he couldn't play anymore. He and Lex started a wingman company. Helping woman get the man by coaching and teaching them.  
After meeting Blake, a roommate of his other best friend Gabi, they don't get of a great start. As it turns out Blake is also a client. It's now Ian's job to help Blake reach her potential and help her get the guy she wants. Only after getting to know her more Ian is in danger of braking his number one rule "Don't fall for the client". Can he help Blake get the guy he things she wants? 

What did I like about this book
I just love Ian, he is such a funny and charming guy. He really made me laugh. He and Lex are really great and funny friends. That's what made me like Lex as well. I know they're both manwhores but I was charmed by them haha. 
I really liked the banter and chemistry between Ian and Blake. It was really entertaining to read. I must admit at times I was getting a bit impatient but it all turned out great. 
I also liked the banter Lex and Gabi had going on. I'm willing to bet my left ovary that there is more to it than just hating each other. 
One other thing I liked where the tips the guys gave haha. They sure are good at what they do ;)
Over all this was a great read. I loved it very much and I can't wait to read more about these characters! 

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