Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review "Plunge by Heather Stone"

* Received an ARC in exchange of an honest review*

Advertising executive by day.
Porn addict by night. is my guilty pleasure. Like the website tagline says it’s straight up P.O.R.N. There’s no wining and dining or foreplay involved. It’s just what I need.
Little did I know that one impulsive message would lead the sites main attraction into my life in more than just my wet dreams.
This is a short happily ever after steamy novella, containing insta-love

I really hate to say this especially since I was granted to read an ARC of this book but I didn't like it. Like the summary says it's a sort insta love hea story. But for me it was just sex, sex ,sex, horny characters, and more and more sex. There was no debt, not character development nothing. 
I thought this story could have been great since it's an unique concept as far as I know but It wasn't executed well. 

What is this book about
The main female is one horny characters. She's a member of the app where she watches porn. The main male happens to be the guy in the videos although he never shows his face. They happen to meet each other at a meeting since she works for his fathers company. After they meet they have sex, fall in love withing a view pages, have some sort of a crisis when the ex porn partner of t he male gets jealous and exposes him. They make up and they have an happily ever after. 

What did I think
Well like I said this book just didn't do it for me.  I really dislike writing reviews like this because I know authors work hard for there story's. And I know they can't please everybody so please see for yourself if you like this book or not. 

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