Monday, April 4, 2016

Review "Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase"

Samantha Rousseau is used to getting her hands dirty. Working toward a master’s degree in wildlife biology while helping take care of her sick father, she has no time for celebrity gossip, designer clothes, or lazy vacations. So when a duchess from the small country of Lilaria invites her to dinner, Samantha assumes it’s to discuss a donation for the program. The truth will change the course of her life in ways she never dreamed.

Alex D’Lynsal is trying to keep his name clean. As crown prince of Lilaria, he’s had his share of scandalous headlines, but the latest pictures have sent him packing to America and forced him to swear off women—especially women in the public eye. That is, until he meets Samantha Rousseau. She’s stubborn, feisty, and incredibly sexy. Not to mention heiress to an estate in his country, which makes her everyone’s front-page news.

While Sam tries to navigate the new world of politics and wealth, she will also have to dodge her growing feelings for Alex. Giving in to them means more than just falling in love; it would mean accepting the weight of an entire country on her shoulders.

This book reminds me of the prinsess diaries so much. This story was really similar. I was worried that I wouldn't like this book because of that. But I  really did enjoy it! It was an easy read. The characters where really interesting. 
What is this book all about 
Well we've all seen the princess diaries didn't we. Well this story is like the movie. On day the queen and prince of an European country are visiting a collage in the states. But not just for any reason. No the queen is looking for families that have fled said country hundreds of years. Samantha's family is one of them.  Alex, the prince of said country, meets Sam and they are attracted to each other. But because the media is following him like a hawk so messing around isn't something that is on the menu. After some persuasion Samantha agree's to visit the country, learn about it and learn about her duties. 
So not only is samantha moving to a country she didn't know exist, learn a new language, figure out her new found status and her duties, but also figure out her 'relationship status' with Alex. Yeah what could go wrong right ;)

What did I like about this book 
This book was really entertaining. I enjoyed every minute of it. Well not every minute because Sam is into birds and works with owls and I have literally nothing with birds. I don't really like them, so on that level I didn't connect with sam at all.  Except that I thought she was really interesting. She was funny, smart and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. An Alex was also a very charming character. He was the perfect gentleman but also quite the ladies man. 
If you're looking for an entertaining read, this book is for you.

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