Friday, May 27, 2016

Review " Revelry by Carmen Jenner"

Cooper Ryan is living the dream. Between the parties with rock royalty, booze, groupies and performing to crowds of thousands with his band Taint, life seems pretty sweet. There’s just one thing missing: the feisty little red-head that took his baby and ran off with his heart. Throwing himself into music is the only thing keeping him sane.

Until a run-in with a nonplussed, package-wielding PA throws everything off balance.

Ali Jones is having a craptastic life. Her grandmother died, leaving her homeless, penniless, and alone, and her boyfriend left her for a tramp who takes her clothes off for money. That’s why when she lands her dream job at a record company it seems like it’s too good to be true.

Because it is.

Slapped with an ultimatum, Ali must decide if facing the horror of the unemployment line is a fate worse than going on the road with four rowdy rockers hell-bent on making her life misery.

He’s adored by millions.
She’s not even loved by her cat.

Can they ignore their hatred long enough to survive the tour from hell? Or will their chemistry force everything to come crashing down around them?

DNF (did not finish) 

I'm still thinking about continuing to read this book only because I like cooper, one of the main males. He seems like a good guy. He isn't a saint by any means and he can be a bit unfriendly sometimes but I feel like there is more to him and that he's trying. But I didn't like Ali, the main female at all. There is a line between a sassy and sarcastic character (which I love) and a rude one. To me ali seems too rude, very angry and just a bitch, and also a bit ungrateful sometimes and i can't understand why. I mean yeah she lost her grandmother and got kicked out of her house and her boyfriend cheated but that doesn't excuse you being a bitch to everyone. She complains about everything, the is too stubborn and maybe just maybe you're boss doesn't like you and might want to fire you is because of your attitude. And then their is levi, another main male. He almost crossed the disgusting line for me. It seems like there is nothing more than a rude mouth and sex on his mind with him. And some of the things they did where just plain weird and unnecessary to me. 

I felt like the author tried to hard to create different, unique, characters but to me it didn't work. I just didn't feel any connection or liking to the characters, expect cooper maybe. It left me feeling annoyed. 

But the thing is this story keeps spinning in my head. So that's a positive thing. It does stick with you. And I'm curious how it will turn out. But with the things I already said and finding out his will become a love triangle means for me that I probably won't finish it. I just don't like love triangles. 

Keep in mind that I didn't finish nor liked it because of personal preferences.

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