Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review " Transcendent by Shevaun DeLucia"

* ARC provided in exchange of an honest review*

Love, desire, and the undeniable hunger for another living being is something Jeffrey Bauer knows nothing about. Women have always been drawn to him like moths to a flame. But, he’s been careful to never indulge in the same woman more than once; it’s a rule he has always abided by. A rule that has kept him safe—until now.
Jeff’s impervious world now crumbles to the wayside once he crosses paths with her—Elise Jewels. She knocks down his walls with just one glance. She grabs ahold of his soul, without permission, and keeps it hostage. She’s become the exception to his simple rule. 
Elise screams innocence and purity—a beauty that Jeff doesn’t want to taint. He has to decide to embark on his deepest desires with Elise or to save her from himself by staying far away. 
Will he be able to fight the irresistible pull she has on him? Or will he allow her to slip away?

I'm really really sorry to say this but I didn't like it. The story line wasn't strong or very good in my opinion. The characters didn't really developed throughout the story. And there was this crazy over the top insta love in this book. The characters didn't really get introduced.  This book had great potential but for me it just didn't deliver. I read it because this was gifted to me and I wanted to give this book and the author a chance. 

What is this story about
This book is about Elise and Jeff. The first time they met they really hit it off. In an attempt to "save" Elise from himself Jeff blew her off and basically ignored her at work (they work for the same company) 
Elise didn't have a great stable home. Her father left her years ago causing her mother to become a depressed drunk that she takes care of. 
After Jeff decided that he has enough of slutting around and decided that he can no longer stay away from the perfect, so innocent pure Elise. Elise is a bit apprehensive at first but she gives in really fast.  After Elise "ran" away from home, Jeff happened to find her and convinces her stay with him. After that point she basically moved in and they start a relationship. 
There are some bumps in the road and there is some (unnecessary )  drama here and there.

Please don't let my review keep you from reading this book, you might just love this book and the story.

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