Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: "Twist into me by Devon Ashley"

* ARC provided in exchange of an honest review*

He was waiting for me to say something. Anything... But my head was lost in a sea of uncertainty.

Tessa Wilkerson would’ve loved growing up with her Nana Louise in a charming Kentuckian town, living above her flower shop on decorated Main Street. But unexpected circumstances took that away from her. Now at a standstill in her life, this twenty-one year old finds her way back to reconnect with what she’s lost. But her summer of love, family and serenity soon leads to tragic loss, and even though good friends and taking up ownership of a popular business has her planting unintended roots, when a romance blossoms with the one guy she never saw coming, will fear of love and circumstance lead her astray, or will she find the courage to bloom like never before?

This book isn't anything like I've read by Devon before. I've read and loved her Nearly series which really is the total opposite of this one. I really really loved this book!  Was is sweet: yes, did it capture my attention: yes, did it break by heart: hell yes, did I cry: Like a baby, Did it have a happy ending: yes it does ;) 

What is this book about?
This book is about Tessa. Tessa had a really unstable childhood. Her mother was a drunk that only kept her around for the money. She did have a great relationship with her grandmother  but for some reason she didn't see her for years. ( you will find  out what that reason is ). Anyway This book begins with Tessa being back with her grandmother for the summer. Her nanna has a flower shop and is the most amazing and sweetest person ever. I really loved her characters. 
While being back with her nanna, Tessa reconnects with some of her old friends. Especially with Brody, a very hot guy she was friends with when she was like 6. Brady and his brother Owen didn't have it easy seeing they lost both their parents. 
In this book we see love blossom, friendships being made an sadly tragedy that strikes yet again..... but hey it's part of life right? 

What did I like about this book?
Well I loved pretty much everything. It was such an easy read. I read it in one sitting I just couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen next. 
It felt like such a real story. Like this could happen in real life. I just really loved it, I don't know what more to say. 

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