Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review "Take your Time by Leddy Harper

* ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

How do you repair a broken heart? 

Sarah Campbell had always been the type of person who laughed the loudest, smiled the brightest, and the constant rock when anyone needed her. She had a good life full of friends and family, until everything came crashing down around her. Dealing with tragedy, Saturday nights became her only escape from the darkness and pain she felt inside. Not wanting anything more than to just give herself to someone—anyone—and let them take away the hurt. Until one Saturday night when Bentley Cole sat next to her at the bar. 

Bentley knew a thing or two about broken hearts. One look into Sarah’s dull and desperate eyes, and he knew he would do anything he could to take her pain away. Changing his plans and throwing caution to the wind, Bentley made it his mission to help Sarah learn to live again, even if it meant losing himself in the process. 

Fate put them together. 
The rest would be up to their broken hearts.

I love loved this book so much! I never read anything by this author but the summary intrigued me. So happy that I got a chance to read and review it. I'm grateful that I was lucky enough to get an ARC. 

What is this book about.
Sarah is a broken girl,she is a shell of her former shelf. After her mom died unexpectedly she never got over it.  Stuck in her depression she uses sex to feel anything. She feels estranged from her sisters. She felt that they're acting like nothing happened. Both her sisters have a partner to lean on making Sarah feel more alone than ever. 
One night Sarah is up to her usual thing, picking up random guys just to get laid. Her evening isn't going as planned when she meets Bentley. Bentley is a gorgeous guy who's so different like other guys she meets.  
Bentley isn't interested in being used just for sex. He wants nothing more than help sarah  and he wont stop until he succeeds.   Will sarah be able to open up and let Bentley in or will she continue to push him away. The one thing she wants from him, sex, he isn't giving her. The thing she things she wants isn't  what she ends up needing. 

What do I love about this book
I love the characters. I love how this story progressed. It was amazing. And bentley, he is such a good and sweet guy. He was really patient with sarah and he really had her best interest at hart. I just loved how everything turned out. I really really love this book. 
How Sarah healed throughout the book felt so real to me. 

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