Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review "Breaking him and Breaking her by R.K. Lilley"


It was the kind of relationship where I invested more than I had to spare. 

I gave it everything. 

And so when it failed, I lost myself.

It changed me. He changed me.

I went down with the ship.

My soul, burnt embers in the aftermath. 

The fire of him ravaged it all.

He burned me. 

Broke me.

Scarlett had always dreamed big. She was headed straight for Hollywood. Destined for silver screen greatness.

But in her wildest dreams she never imagined she’d be broke and single at twenty-eight, doling drinks at thirty-five thousand feet.

She was a glorified waitress in the skies.

It had been years since she’d seen him.

But one day, there he sat, gazing intently at her, ready to set everything ablaze once more.

Dante wanted her. Again.

Sure, she’d play along…but this time, it was his turn.

She was breaking him.

After all, love is war.

I've tried to read a R.K lilley book before and while I loved the first book in that series I couldn't get into the rest of them. I bought this book because well I though the cover was so pretty and I was going to meet this author. 
When I started reading this book we don't get much of an background story. So I didn't fully understood why the h (heroine , main female) was being such an angry bitch to the H(hero, main male). I was really curious to find out what happened so I continued reading. We got bits and pieces trough out the story but never the full story.  I really enjoyed that we got snippets from time to time.  That gave the story some mystery. 
The H was also quite the angry guy and he could behave like an asshole from time to time but it never seemed so bad that he deserved the wrath of the h in my eyes. 
That ending really made me want to keep on reading. I just wanted to find out what the hell was going on! 

He had done it again. Ravaged me. Burned me. Broke me. 
Given me air, only to leave me gasping, writhing.
But then something changed. Something that terrified and excited me both. 
Something that utterly destroyed me. 
Something that made me whole again. 

Our love was cursed from the start. She didn't know it but I did. 
All she knew was that I'd lied to her, betrayed her. Done unforgivable things. Unavoidable things. Yes, I had broken promises as surely as I had broken her heart. But, just as every war has casualties, and every lie has consequences–every bastard has his reasons.

This book made everything better for me. It raised this series from a I don't really like it/ meh to a I liked it/ it was good.
 I just love dante for all the things he had done for Scarlett. She had no idea what happened. I do believe that if they just talked to each other it wouldn't get so out of hand. Everything would have been different. Communication is key in a relationship. I understand why Dante did what he did and I love him for it. 
What I liked most about this book is that I couldn't guess what happened, what the whole story was. Normally I can guess and i'm right quite often but I had no clue!  I really liked that. 
 I really liked how every thing tied together in the end. It was a good story

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