Friday, July 29, 2016

Review "Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton"

In this sequel to Wallbanger, the second book in the Cocktail series, fan favorites Caroline and Simon negotiate the rollercoaster of their new relationship while house-sitting in San Francisco.

Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on her honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy long hours to keep the interior design company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel on Sausalito. So with her hotshot photographer boyfriend gallivanting all over the world for his job, she and Simon are heavy-duty into “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mode. Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! Then Simon decides he’s tired of so much travelling, and he’s suddenly home more. A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out. Neither wants “out of sight, out of mind,” but can they create their own happy mid-ground cliché?

I'm kinda kicking myself for not buying the book, and others in this series while I met the author a couple of weeks ago. I could have gotten them all signed.

This book is the second in the cocktail series and continues caroline and simons story. We really get to see how their relationship develops overtime and how they grow as individuals and in the relationship.
I really liked this book, it was a tad different from the first book because we don't have the build up and the sexual frustration and tension. Don't worry there is still sexual tension and lots of sexy times ;) I mean were talking about our wallbanger here.
I still found the story very funny but I can tell that the story matured a tiny bit. We also find out more about Simons past.
I really enjoyed how Simon and Caroline made their own relationship work and negotiated how said relationship was going to work for them.

Overall I really enjoyed the story and I will keep on reading. I'm really glad I gave this series a second change because I really like it. I want to read about other characters and ofcourse the final  book in Caroline's and Simons relationship!

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