Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review "The way back to me by Anne Mercier"

She used to be perky, fun, and full of life—everything I hated about girls and their bullshit exterior. People called her bubbly; I called her “fake-as-hell.”

The edgy, dark, lonely girl in front of me was not the Olivia Brennan I knew from high school—far from it, actually. I knew the story—the whole town knew the story, we witnessed it all. It happened in the blink of an eye and the girl we knew was gone.

But I refuse to watch it anymore—I can’t stand it. I’m going to fix it—fix her. It’s time I showed Olivia her way back…Back to the girl she used to be.

I am a bit sad about this book, well not the book but the series. I just finished and loved this book. It ended with a sentence that made you feel like there is going to be a second book. When I bought this book it was a standalone and I went in thinking it was. I was excited to find out there was a second book, a bit worried as well. So went and read the blurb of the second book and got a bit of a funny feeling so I went and read some review. Well to summarize them apparently Cam (the H) goes trough a 180 and is a totally different guy. Some say that the author totally butchered his character and 'ruined'the story.  I haven't read the second book so I can't tell you what I think if it but I didn't like the sound of those review ( and the spoilers) one bit.  I'm going to take their advise and think of this book a  standalone but it doesn't take away that what I've read about the second book burst my happy bubble.

So enough of the second book and my burst bubble. Don't let what I just said keep you from reading this book because it's amazing! Let me tell you what this book is all about

What is this book about
This book is about Olivia (h) and Cam (H). Olivia went through a pretty horrific and damaging experience. She was in a car crash where she broke her leg,back and sustained other injuries but not only that it killed 4 of her best friend, one of them also being her boyfriend, the love of her live. She never was the same after that. Mentally she was just as broken as her body, maybe even more.
She goes to collage and there she meets Cam. Well she already knows him. You see he bullied her in high school. He said some pretty mean things about her. He knows he did and I like that about him. He though she was as fake as they come due personal issues but finds out that she is not. He hates how she changed and wants  to give her pieces of herself back.  It isn't as easy as it sounds. Oliva is broken, and still hasn't moved passed everything that happend. Guilt is a very heavy cloak that can suffocate you if you don't find a way to lift it.
Will Cam be able to help Olivia heal and will Olivia be able to look past hers and cam's past to move forward with her live.

What did I like about this book
I liked Olivia's journey. We find out the graphic details of what she went through at the ending of the book and let me tell you that is some heavy messed up shit. I think Olivia is very strong. It shows how hard it is to move past something. And that with the help of the right people it will become a tiny bit easier.
I loved how cam was trying to fix the mistakes he made in the past. Yes he still behaved like an asshole at times but he was trying.
I really liked them together and their relationship. I'm just so sad that the spoilers from the second book ruined how I felt about them.
Overall I really enjoyed this book! Decide for yourself if you want to keep on reading after this book but don't say I didn't warn you. Well that others warned you through me... well you know what I mean

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