Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz

A deadly game of hide and seek. 

With blood still on her hands, Samantha Matthews is on the run, running from dark secrets and a man she prays to God will never find her. Running and hiding, just to stay alive. She had no choice but to run, to leave, to hide and forget about her life before. When Samantha believes she's gained enough distance from her past and her demons, she stops running, hoping to find her future in the heavily wooded area of the Adirondack Mountains, a place she never expected to encounter a man with secrets as dark and as sordid as hers. 

Kade Grayson is hiding, not from the demons after him, but from himself and from the entire outside world, wishing every day he could have just died. Arrogant and domineering, he’s tormented and terrorized by his past, seeing nothing good for his future. With the ghosts of his past still haunting him, he has exiled himself to a life of solitude, only living for his words and through his stories.

Until her.

An undeniable attraction, turns into hate and then ultimately obsession, an obsession that grows into a powerful story of love and redemption.

Will the bond they have begun to build between them grow stronger than the tragedies that have scarred both of their lives? Or will they allow their demons to consume them?


I was really interested in this books. I mean just look at the summary, it sounds very thrilling and mysterious. And that it was. I really liked this book.  The characters weren’t the age group I normally read about but I didn’t mind it one bit.

What is this book all about.
This book starts with Samantha and Jennifer in a car, beaten, driving as far away from something as fast as they can. They end up on a parking lot by a strip club in the middle of nowhere. They came up with new names for themselves. Jennifer chose the name Bree and Samantha chose the name Lainey. They start working as waitresses at the strip club for the very charming and handsome English men named Dylan.
When Kade  walks in his brothers, Dylan, strip club, he couldn’t help but be very interested in the beautiful girl with raven colored hair and green eyes. There is something about her that doesn’t allow him to take his eyes of her. Kade has suffered a great trauma in his past resulting him to have poor people skills and mayor trust issues.  He really acts like an ass with a personality disorder but he just can’t keep Lainey out of his thoughts and she is the reason he is feeling whole again.
Lainey is a very successful woman but is suffering from a massive trauma herself. But you can’t outrun your past forever, and lainey’s past is following her causing the people she cares about to be in danger. So she does the thing she did before, run.  Only running away from Kade is more difficult than she thought.

What did I think of this book.
I really liked Kade, he is an ripped, sexy, tall, alpha male with black hair and beautiful grey eyes. Behind his ten feet walls he has build around himself he is a broken man that is a great man. He is protective to the ones he love, he is a very talented writer. He just needed someone to make him want to live again, to make him feel alive and worthy.
Lainey was just amazing. What an admirable and strong person she is. I am really in awe of her and I would die to be the kind of person she is. She is strong, loving, witty, sexy, successful and just gorgeous.
This book was full of suspense and the secrets where being well kept and not revealed to soon. Never where you like okey now I know it all. There’s always more to the story and I liked that. It kept you on your toes. And the sex, dear god there were some very steamy sex scenes. I just couldn’t put the book down. I was seriously tempted to skim through some parts just to find out what would happen next.

Quotes from the book

“You never should have underestimated me”

“you’re acting like a bitch, and if I wanted a bitch, I would have adopted a dog”

“It’s a condom, Kade, because if you’re going to act like a dick, you might as well dress like one”

“Do you thing yourself as a man that’s well endowed, Francis? “ He squirmed in his seat, and gave me a slight nod. “ let me ask you then” I leaned in closer and licked my lips, trying to act as seductively as I could. “can your penis reach your rectum? “ Slowly, a flirtatious smile emerged on his face; he nodded and leaned his head closer to mine. “Then go fuck yourself”

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