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Review "Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout"

Some loves will last ’til your dying breath

Every choice has consequences—but seventeen-year-old Layla faces tougher choices than most. Light or darkness. Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth, or Zayne, the gorgeous, protective Warden she never thought could be hers. Hardest of all, Layla has to decide which side of herself to trust.

Layla has a new problem, too. A Lilin—the deadliest of demons—has been unleashed, wreaking havoc on those around her…including her best friend. To keep Sam from a fate much, much worse than death, Layla must strike a deal with the enemy while saving her city—and her race—from destruction.

Torn between two worlds and two different boys, Layla has no certainties, least of all survival, especially when an old bargain comes back to haunt them all. But sometimes, when secrets are everywhere and the truth seems unknowable, you have to listen to your heart, pick a side—and then fight like hell…

I just loved this book. I was waiting so long to find out who Layla choose. And I must say I'm really really excited about the story. Since I'm not sure I can guarantee a spoiler free review, don't read this if you really don't want to know.  The first part of my review will be spoiler free, the second part, not so much. So be warned. 

What is this book about
This book continues right where stone cold touch ended. Layla, Roth and Zayne figured out who the lilin is. Well they didn't really figured it out, the lilin showed it self. It turned out it is Sam. Well it looks like sam. So you can imagine what a shock this is for Layla. 
On top of all the Lilin crap, layla has to make a choice. She either chooses Zayne, the man she loved and adored since her childhood or the sexy demon prince Roth, who accepted her for who she is and makes her feel like she shouldn't be ashamed of herself.  
We find out very soon who layla chooses, so we get to see their relationship blossom in the book. There's also enough action, like in the previous books. 

I  hope this captured the essence of the story without spoiling to much. In the next part I will spoil the crap out of it so stop reading if you don't want to know. 

What did I love about this book
I'm just so happy with lyla's choice. I'm team roth since the beginning so I'm very happy that she chooses him. I think, like layla said, that she could have been with Zayne, that they'd make it work but that it wouldn't last long. I felt like Zayne started to express his love for her after another guy got in the picture and showed interest. I felt like he was a little to late and I feel like he never really accepted her. I know he tried and he thought he accepted her but his clan, family, his very own being just never really did not for a 100%. I mean his clan thought her to be ashamed of herself, that she wasn't good enough. Zayne was there for her yes but it's just wouldn't have worked in my opinion.  And Roth, he just accepted her for who she is right away, he made her feel like she was worthy and that there was nothing wrong with her. He thought her that not everything is black and white and that there is more than what meets the eyes. He also trusted her and was always honest with her. And Roth gave up, and continues to sacrifice, everything for Layle. Not that Zayne wouldn't have done that for her but Roth actually did it in my opinion.  He is just perfect. Don't get me wrong Zanye is a great guy but just not THE guy for Layla. 

I loved that we got to experience Layla and Roth's relationship. Roth kept surprising me. He was so sweet and undemon like. I also liked how Layla grew in this book. It truly felt like she accepted herself and got stronger.  She really grew. I liked her in the first book, thought she was oke in the second (still liked her) but loved her in the last one. 

Quotes from the book \

"You talk a lot" Roth growled, stepping forward. "And I men a lot. Why is it that the bad guys always have to give disgustingly long and boring monologues? Let;s just get to the killing part, all right? " Roth

"You..... you have a.... a pocket-size dragon?" - Layla

"Honey-child, a blind person could see there's major tension. What's the scoop?" - Cayman

Stop being a coward and let go of the past. Embrace the future, because they are two very different things. 

"  While I'm glad you guys have decided to become the twosome of the year. I really don't want to see you sucking face" - Cayman

"I want that night with you, but I don't need it. What I need is this- these seconds and minutes with you. That's what I'll always need" - Layla to Roth

"You make me wish I had a soul so that I could be worthy of you " - Roth

"Everyone can say whatever they'd like to say, but that does not mean they are correct, and the truth is sometimes lost in translation when facts are not understood" Grim

" I was willing to watch the world burn if that meant being there with you to watch it" - Roth

" With every breath I take, I will always love you" - Roth

Layla and Roth



Layla and Roth

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