Friday, August 7, 2015

Review "Final Call by Emma Hart"

In the highly anticipated sequel to LATE CALL, Dayton and Aaron learn once more than not everything is as straightforward as it seems, and if they have any chance of getting their long-awaited happily-ever-after, they'll have to work for it...

We crashed and burned like a falling plane. Hard and fast with an inevitable explosion. Another few weeks together changed my life the way the first did. At twenty-four, I became naïve again. I became a dreamer again. A believer. And walking away hurts just as much as it did seven years ago.

But over doesn’t have to mean over-at least in Aaron Stone’s mind. His pursuit is relentless, his determination unwavering. He’ll go to any lengths to keep me and prove that I belong to him. Unfortunately, love isn’t easy, and whether or not I forgive him is irrelevant to his past catching up with us. Once again, our relationship is haunted by a secret, one that could destroy everything, and the secret is born from the need to protect the other…

But the tables have turned, because the secret is mine.

Final Call is the second and final book in the Call series and is the conclusion to Aaron and Dayton's story. It's is not a standalone and Late Call must be read first.

I really liked this book. It was a very nice story to read. It held romance, very steamy moments, strong minded people, arguments, love, anticipation, forgiveness and thrill.

So what is this book about.
This book starts of where Late Call ended. Dayton left Aaron because he didn’t tell her about his wife Naomi. Naomi is a crazy bitch that only cares about money and status, she is a model and she and Aaron only got married because it was expected of them.  They’re separated for over 2.5 years but Naomi has yet to sign the divorce papers because she felt like she didn’t get enough money. When Dayton left Aaron, Aaron sped up all his business  plans, flew back home and forced Naomi to sign the divorce papers. After she signed them, he signed the contract ( making him boos of the company) and fired her bitchy ass. Then he did everything in his power to get Dayton back. And damn he is one sneaky powerful bastard. And luckily Dayton isn’t one of those girls that just lets him do that. No she can fight with a fury. She just doesn’t tolerate his obsessive behavior and gives him hell for that. But she can’t resist the man she loves forever so most of the times she gives in. Because in the end all she wants is to be with the man she loves.
Only Naomi is still lurking around and she doesn’t plan to back down without a fight. And the girl doesn’t mind playing dirty, very dirty.

What did I like about this book

I liked Aaron and Dayton. There a very funny couple to watch. In my opinion they’re absolutely perfect of each other. They fight but they’re also make up. They need to work on their communication skills but they’re getting there.
I really like Dayton, she is a really strong and passionate character. She is very confident and she isn’t afraid to show it. I love how she fights Aaron on his sometimes obsessive, sneaky, and controlling behavior and doesn’t let him get away with it easily. I really like her for that.
I like how passionate, protective, caring and loving Aaron is towards Dayton. He really shows and tells her there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her.
I also liked Aaron cousin Tyler. He seems like a very funny and charming guy. I can’t wait to read about his story. ( Wild Attraction, Wild Temptation and Wild Addiction)
Overall it was a very fun series to read., great steamy sex, fun and strong characters and a nice storyline. I do wish there was more background to the characters. I mean, I know there is, we learn bits and pieces about it, but I would love a bit more. Especially a bit more about their time in Paris.

Quotes from the book.

“I have no Idea what I’m doing with you half the time. You are the one thing that’s unexpected, the one thing I truly have no power to control. I’m totally winging this, you know that? Like right now, I’m sitting here, completely lost, all the while hoping you’d walk out that door with me? 

I roll my eyes “You and the red thing”.”I like you in red. You look like the temptation you are” “Like a great big chocolate cake in front of a dieting person?”

And he still wants to marry you? Dottie holds up her hand “oh yes. For some goddamn reason the man is crazy in love with me, and when he has abs tighter than a nun’s vagina, who am I to argue with him” “Who has nun’s-vagina abs?” Liv asks.

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