Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cold-Blooded Beautiful by Christine Zolendz

What happens when your past comes back to haunt you?
Imagine having a secret whispered in your ear, a secret that once revealed, changes everything in your life that you thought to be true. 
What would you do if you learned that everything you had was just a lie, a lie that could end everything you ever worked for and destroy everyone you ever cared about?
What happens when all your secrets come spilling forth and your past catches up to you?
Will it consume you?
Will it destroy you?
Six months ago Kade Grayson helped Doctor Samantha Matthews hide from a violent past, one that she wants to keep hidden from everyone. Deep in her heart, she hides her secrets, too afraid to hurt the only people she has left to trust.
What happens when she is forced to face her past? 
Will love be enough to save her?
Because her deadly game of Hide and Seek is at its end.

So when you thought you seen it all in the first book, there comes the second book. There was still much more that happened in Lainey or now Samantha again, than was revealed in the first book. Kade is still struggling with his own past but he’s making progress.

What is this book about.
Well Samantha hopes she is safe from her sadist husband David but sadly she will never be safe until he’s dead. After finding out what David has done to Samantha, Kade is ready to torture and kill him. He still holds so much anger inside of him and he doesn’t know how to release it other than rearrange a room, meaning he beats the crap out of it.
Samantha and Kade are really working on their relationships but their past still holds them back. Even when Samantha’s past comes back to hunt her down. 

What did I love about this book
Again the suspense and realness of the characters feelings where just amazing.  The way they acted and the things they did were things that felt very real.  And holy shit what happened to Samantha again just broke my heart. What broke my heart more was the way Kade reacted to it. At first I was angry at him but I kind of understand but still man.  But the second he  found out what was really happening he showed how much he was willing to do for Samantha.  Especially in the end Kade became the one that mended and healed Samantha. He really did everything for her and you could really tell how much he loves her. The way they helped and healed each other was really amazing. There a great couple.
I loved that Samantha still kept her sass and I loved seeing the soft side that Kade has. I also liked the side characters Jenn ( Jennifer) and Dylan.  Overall this is a great book and I’m happy I can add it to my paperback collection.

Quotes from this book.

Again, this is dedicated to the ones that are bruised and broken. Take my hand. It’s scarred and stained. I’ll pull you up and help you stand. You have the strength to ride the storm, I promise you. Don’t look into the darkness. Don’t look back. Don’t even wave goodbye. Just find that courage. There is strength inside all of us.

I was never weak , and I was never small. The monster was weak and small,

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