Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frigid by J.Lynn Aka Jennifer Armentrout

For twenty-one-year-old Sydney, being in love with Kyler isn't anything new. They'd been best friends ever since he pushed her down on the playground and she made him eat a mud pie. Somewhere over the years, she fell for him and fell hard. The big problem with that? Kyler puts the 'man' in man-whore. He's never stayed with a girl longer than a few nights, and with it being their last year in college, Syd doesn't want to risk their friendship by declaring her love. 

Kyler has always put Syd on a pedestal that was too high for him to reach. To him, she's perfect and she's everything. But the feelings he has for her, he's always hidden away or focused on any other female. After all, Kyler will always be the poor boy from the wrong side of tracks, and Syd will always be the one girl he can never have. 

But when they're stranded together at a posh ski resort due to a massive Nor'easter, there's nothing stopping their red-hot feelings for each other from coming to the surface. Can their friendship survive the attraction? Better yet, can they survive at all? Because as the snow falls, someone is stalking them, and this ski trip may be a life-changer in more ways than one.


I really enjoyed this book. I just have yet to find a story created by Jennifer that I have yet to like. 
Alto this book isn't my favorite, I still liked it. 

What is this story all about.
This story basically is about childhood friends Sydney and Kyler who are in love with each other but they don't know it about each other. 
Sydney has a crush on kyler for as long as they can remember but Kyler is interested in every female but her, or so it seems. 
Kyler always cared allot for Sydney but he doesn't think he is good enough for him, more so that she is to good for him. 
When kyler and Sydney get stranded in a ski resort with nothing to take things off there mind but each other things will get allot warmer than the heavy snowfall there stuck in. But will they give into there attraction towards each other and admit they have feelings for each other or will all of that go away once the snow stops falling. 
On top of that it seems like there are some people in the ski resorts that don't want them there and things might get dangerous.  Will those people and Kylers past get in the way of a relationship or will there love find a way? 

What did I love about this story. 
I really like the banter and chemestry Kylar and sydney have. Sydney really is a sweet girl and I really like her. Kylar seems kind of lost to me, I don't know how to explain it. I can't remember why he feels like Sydney is to good for him. 
I do know that I really admire Sydney and that Kylar really can be blind some times. For example, when they where younger they used to hang out allot and have like weekly movie nights but he would blow them off to hook up with some random girls, he was also supossed to have one dance with sydney at prom but he left before that could happen to have sex with a girl.  After he got his head out of his own ass, syndey was in a relationship.  But that relationship ended badly for sydney. 

The timing for kylar and syndey wasn't right in the past and I was glad to see that they stopped running circles around each other and got real with each other.  It was an lovely read. 

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