Sunday, May 3, 2015

His Allure, Her Pasion by Julianna Haygert

In his father’s eyes, Dylan Deveraux is just a playboy spending the family fortune on prostitutes, alcohol, and fast cars. Because of that, his father forbids Dylan’s presence at the ball that will mark US launch of the family automobile company, strategically scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

Hayley Allen is a failing model with an anxiety disorder, and she has the worst luck in the world. She always ends up in the hands of cruel designers and photographers—at least, that’s what she tells herself. It’s better than admitting her own failure. Desperate, she would do anything to help her career—even go along with the pretense Dylan suggests....

Longtime friends, Hayley is the only one able to put up with Dylan’s foolishness, and he appreciates that, but not in the way her heart wants. When he approaches her with his idea to crash the Valentine’s Ball as his girlfriend, she jumps at the chance to be in the spotlight and help Dylan impress his father. But will the charade leave her heart unscathed, or is this just more of Dylan’s bullshit? 

I liked this story. It was an simple story to read. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either. There wasn't much depth or action going on but it was unique. Well I think so, I haven't read a book about a model with agorafobia who's best friend is an multimillionaire playboy, who turns out to be quite the artist and smart guy. 
Really hated the guys father, really hate the guy. 
Well I read this book in one sitting while relaxing in the bathtub. It's a nice book to read when you're bored and you want to read something but don't know what.

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