Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just for Now by Abbi Glines

Preston is one bad boy. And Amanda has harbored a crush on him for forever. When she finally makes her move on him, it does not end well. But still, she can’t resist him. Especially now that he seems to be pursuing her, too.

No one wants wants them to be together. Not Amanda’s brother Marcus, who is on the verge of his marriage to Low, and definitely not any of Preston’s buddies. They know way too much about Preston’s dark side. Even Preston realizes he’s not good enough for someone like her.

But Amanda believes there is more to Preston than his bad boy persona, and she is determined to unearth what he’s hiding behind his seductive blue eyes—secrets that could explain his actions. Secrets Amanda might not be able to forgive.

Yet the dangerous attraction persists...and neither Preston nor Amanda is going to deny it


This is the first book I've read in this series and I must say Preston is my favorite. I've come to realize that I have a thing for the broken bad boy. And it does help that he is sexy as well, and is really good with kids. Taking care of his younger brother and sister in the best way he can is just amazing.

What is this story about. 
This story is about Preston, who grew up in a very poor trailer park with and an poor excuse of an mother.  Marcus was always really there for Preston, so Preston wouldn't do anything to compromise their friendship. Preston is known for being a very big playboy. What many people doesn't know is that he works as an male escort, to help support his little siblings. 
Amanda is the younger sister of Marcus and she always had a big crush on Preston, but Preston doesn't even look at her. Or so the things. They had a one night stand, which resulted in Amanda loosing her virginity. To make matters worse Preston and Amanda never talked about it.  After that Amanda is kind off done with him but she doesn't know that Preston also has a crush on her but doesn't want to piss Marcus off. 
Even being hurt by Preston,  Amanda doesn't give up. She tries her hardest to look like the kind of girl Preston wants.  At some point they give in to there attraction and give there relationship ago. But will Preston really let Amanda in and tell her everything. Or will Amanda's family,  Jason; brother of rock star Jax, and Preston's secret get in the way of them having an happy ending?

What did I love about this book.
I really loved Preston, the way he did everything in his power to take care of his siblings just melted my heart. He doesn't have the best profession to go with a relationship but he did it because he had to.  I also liked that Amanda grew some lady balls and started to do what she wanted without being so worried off what other people, especially her family, is thinking. She was also very good with Preston's siblings. 
It was a very enjoyable sexy read. I really liked it. 

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